A selection of posters and videos:

22 Feb 2021 » A tidal disruption event coincident with a neutrino


A visualisation of AT2019dsg, found coincident with high-energy neutrino IC191001A.
(credit: DESY, Science Communication Lab)

Our paper A tidal disruption event coincident with a high-energy neutrino was recently published, and some excellent graphics have been produced to accompany it.

NASA created a fantastic 3-minute summary of the result:

Another beautiful video came from DESY+Science Communication Lab, visualising the properties of AT2019dsg:

20 Jun 2020 » Neutrino2020 Conference: Contributed Video and Poster

I presented a poster at the Neutrino2020 virtual conference, summarising our recent work identifying a high-energy neutrino coincident with a tidal disruption event.

As part of the poster competition, I also created a 2-minute video advertisement for the work:

The poster itself is here:

The submission won the session poster prize.

31 Aug 2018 » TeVPA 2018 Conference (Berlin): Contributed Poster

I presented a poster at the TeVPA 2018 conference, held in Berlin. The poster summarises an upcoming analysis searching for correlations between Tidal Disruption Events and neutrinos.